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Cybersecurity Advisory

Many startups and SMEs (small-to-medium enterprises) realize that they can do more to address cybersecurity threats affecting their business and customers, but may not be aware of industry standards or how to best invest their limited budget. Sometimes they are aware of a regulatory compliance requirement which mandates a security or privacy program (e.g. HIPAA, SOX, FFIEC, or GDPR), but don't know where to start. Overseer Security can help assess your business to create your cybersecurity and privacy game-plan.

Virtual CISO

A Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is a senior-level team member responsible for an organizational security strategy and program. Startups and SMEs often need a CISO and certain industry regulations (e.g. HIPAA and NYSDFS) even go as far as to mandate it. However, the cost of training / certification, the time required to keep abreast of the latest threats, and the shortage of experienced cybersecurity professionals makes this a costly proposition.


Overseer's Virtual CISO (vCISO) or Fractional CISO offering provides startups affordable access to seasoned cybersecurity leaders. We can greatly simplify your journey to a secure enterprise. We can field open-ended questions like "We want to be secure. What should we do?" to targeted ones like, "How can we comply with our customer's security questionnaire?" to very specific ones like, "We are required to pass a SOC-2 (Security and Availability TSPs) before the end of the year. How do we go about that?" and everything in between.

 Learn more  about some other ways your organization may benefit from a  Virtual CISO or Fractional CISO .

CyberSecurity Advisory (vCISO)
CyberSecurity Risk Assessment
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Compliance with cybersecurity and privacy laws and regulations is often a burden on smaller organizations. Since, regulations are not optimized for startups and SMEs they are very inefficient—sometimes counterproductive—at improving your security posture.

Overseer Security approaches security and privacy from a holistic perspective. What this means is that we evaluate your organization from a risk-based perspective and find ways of extracting value from compliance efforts. We have relevant experience in implementing regulatory compliance policies and controls using innovative and effective startup-friendly strategies which can considerably reduce the burden of compliance.

We can help with assessment and remediation against many regulations and industry standards:


Managed Security Services
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Experienced full-time security professionals who can hit the ground running are hard to come by and costly to hire. Junior security professionals may require significant ramp-up time and training. These are challenges that disproportionately affect startups and small businesses lacking the budget for adequately sized security teams, training, and tools.

You can significantly free up IT and engineering bandwidth for business projects by outsourcing these functions to our experts. 

Learn more about our  Security Team as a Service  offering.


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About Overseer Security

Overseer Security is a collection of cybersecurity and privacy professionals with over 15 years of experience spread across multiple specialties. We have  tackled challenges from security program & team  creation, regulatory and industry-standard compliance, redteam / ethical hacking / pentest assessments, technical implementation, day-to-day monitoring and operational maintenance, and incident response —all within the cybersecurity discipline.

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From time to time we will analyze the latest breaches, high impact vulnerabilities, and other cybersecurity news and break it down into organized easy to digest articles on our blog.

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