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Security Team as a Service

A STaaS offering designed for 

 early and growth stage startups and SMBs 

 Affordable access  to seasoned cybersecurity staff

 Greatly simplify   your journey to a secure and compliant organization regardless what your goals are.

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Customized to your security goals 

Supercharge your Business Development pipeline by acing  Customer Security Questionnaires 

Accelerate your path to  HIPAA, PCI, CCPA, NIST  or other compliance 

Implement a comprehensive security program to obtain  SOC 2 Type II  attestation or  ISO 27001  certification

Conduct recurring  Vendor Risk Assessments 

Free Your Engineering Bandwidth

Let The Experts Handle It

  •  Application & Product Security 

    • Embed continuous security tests into your CI/CD pipeline

    • Threat model your applications and new features

    • Static Code Analysis / Static Application Security Testing

    • Open Source Dependency Vulnerability Detection

  •  Security Monitoring / Detection and Response​ 

    • Malicious activity monitoring, alert triage, and escalation on your:

      • Cloud environments (AWS, Azure, GCP, GSuite, O365)

      • Servers (Linux & Windows), and workstations (Mac & Windows)

      • Your homeApplications

      • On-prem office networks

  •  Security Incident Response 

    • Have an experienced and trusted partner to guide you when things "go south".

    • Follow incident documentation and notification procedures as per compliance requirements (e.g. HIPAA / HITECH, PCI, & CCPA).

  •  Cloud Configuration Security 

    • Recurring security audits for your IaaS / PaaS Cloud Platforms (AWS, Azure, and GCP)

    • Recurring security audits for your critical SaaS applications (GSuite, Salesforce)

    • Proactively prevent breaches caused by common misconfigurations like public buckets and databases.

  •  Employee Security and Compliance Training 

    • Ongoing training for ​baseline security practices

    • Ongoing secure coding concepts training for engineers

    • Training for regulatory compliance specific processes

    • Recurring Phishing assessments and education

  •  Continuous Vulnerability Scanning 
    • Automated recurring vulnerability scanning for your:
      • Infrastructure
        • Servers, Workstations, and Databases
      • Web Applications / APIs

We've Been There


We are ex-startup security engineers, analysts, Directors, VPs, and CISOs.

We have  hands-on experience  with security controls and tools implementation and operation using  your technology stack .

So, whether your technology stack looks...

A little like this


Or more like this


...or something in between; we've been there and we can help.

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